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Easy Pro Pet Nail Grooming Tool | Rechargeable

Easy Pro Pet Nail Grooming Tool | Rechargeable

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The #1 rechargeable Pro Nail Filer is perfect for trimming, shaping and smoothing rough-nails on cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds. Achieve professional nail trimming results at home quickly and efficiently. 




Your pet will love this Premium Rechargeable Painless Pet's Nail Grinder! 

No More Getting Scratched
No More Scratching Expensive Wood Floors
No More Expensive Grooming Trips 


You have to try it to believe it: Our revolutionary new nail trimmer is the easiest and fastest way to keep your pet's nail trimmed and rounded.  


Painless: Most pet hate getting their nail trimmed because of the noise and the pain.  Trim  and round off your pets nails with the precision of a pro with no worries about over cutting or causing bleeding.


Low Noise | Low Vibration: We use a new unique technology to mute the motor and virtually eliminate vibrations with out sacrificing power.  This means that dogs will no longer be scared just by turning on the trimmer.


USB Charging: No buying batteries over and over.  Our Pet Nail Trimmer comes with a USB port and cable to allow continuous recharging that will last up to 3 hours on a full charge.


Replaceable Grinding Wheel: With our removable stone grinding wheel you can easily clean the surface after every use to ensure that it remains smooth and effective.





How to use:
Step 1: Position your self with your pet where you are going to trim your pets nails.  Give your pet positive reinforcement!


Step 2: Depending on the size of your pets nails choose the correct opening on the trimmer.


Step 3: Hold the grinder in one hand while holding the pets paw in the other.  Press at the base of the nail so that it extends. Gently put the nail into the trimmers opening to be grind.


Step 4: Clean the grind wheel.  Remove the plastic cover of the trimmer, turning in the anti-clock wise direction. Turn on the trimmer and gently clean the surface of the grinder with a cloth to remove the nail residue.