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Professional Stone Dog Nail Grinder Replacement Tips

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Keep your pup’s nails smooth and short with the Professional Dog Nail Grinder Replacement Tips. Made to work with our rechargeable Easy Pro Pet Nail Grooming Tool.  A safe and easy alternative to nail clipping, the sander and stone attachments work by filing down your dog’s nails with a rotating movement. Ideal for dogs of all sizes, it helps eliminate the risk of going too short, while keeping your dog’s nails at a comfortable length.

Key Benefits

  • Replacement tips work with the rechargeable Easy Pro Pet Nail Grooming Tool, as a safe alternative to nail clipping.
  • Stone tips provide long lasting use with the precision and durability to suit your dog’s needs. Suitable for all dog sizes.
  • Attachments are easily interchanged when it’s time for a replacement.
  • Protect your home and yourself against unwanted and destructive scratches with regular grinding.