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Double Handle Dog Leash

Double Handle Dog Leash

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Walking your dog is fun but requires you to be in charge. Why not let our comfort-action bungee leash do some of that work for you? Dog Trainers recommend our Double Handle Bungee Leash for the unique flexibility it gives your pet and to you. You reduces unneeded stress to the wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck while allowing your pet to run in front of you or take control and keep them next to you when needed.  All while while reducing the stress and increasing control!


    • DUAL HANDLES FOR MORE CONTROL: Our Double Handle Dog Leash has two handles for added control. The main handle is for general walking and the lower handle is used to keep your dog closer when needed or for added control when you pass other dogs.

    • COMFORTABLE HANDLES: This dog leash is designed to protect your hands with foam inserts, just incase your dog likes to pull on the leash. 

    • SAFE AND DURABLE: Not only does our dual handle dog leash help you control your dog better, but it also adds a layer of safety. The two handles make it less likely your dog will escape, and we’ve added reflective stitching to make your dog more visible after dark.

  • SECURE QUICK-RELEASE CLASP: This small or large dog leash is crafted with security and convince in mind. It is made with a over lapping latch and a quick release latch all crafted from Aviation Aluminum, the same material rock climbers use and trust. It is light in weight but super strong and easy to use. The clip is force tested to 350+ lbs, ensure to withstand your dogs pull.