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Ultimate Diaper Bag Back Pack

Ultimate Diaper Bag Back Pack

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Elegant and practical diaper bag backpack That’s a perfect blend of style and comfort, spacious enough to carry around all baby care essential on-the-go, and offers 15 pockets to help organize them tidily – premium quality fabric make it durable too!



  • Stylish - modern design allows you to use it as a regular handbag or a backpack even after the baby outgrows the diaper wearing stage.


  • 3 insulated pockets - to help you store beverages at desirable temperatures – be it the sippy milk cup, water bottle or any other beverage for baby boys and girls care


  • Generous capacity - allow you to store bigger items like diaper changing pad and your personal belongings also (phones, keys, cards, money, breast pump, etc.), thus eliminating the need to carry a separate handbag


  • Practical - Side pockets provide you instant access to wipes which are needed quite often


  • Neutral in design - the diaper backpacks are a smarter choice over totes & slings as even dad can carry them comfortably without feeling awkward in public places and stay HANDS-FREE with shoulders’ straps



    Smartly organize all the essential items for instant baby care


    • 15 pockets for convenient organization
    • 3 insulated pockets for fresh snacks & beverage storage
    • durable quality and modern design
    • large capacity yet compact & comfortable
    • Unisex Design for mom and dad